AO Cleveland Alumni Chapter

Dr. Jeffrey Young pictured at Initiation AO Cleveland Student Chapter

In 1907, patience and perseverance had been the principal refuge for Jewish dental students in an era of anti-religious feelings and actions. At the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery in Philadelphia, a group of students joined together to protect their interests and in doing this, they created an organization called Ramach, the predecessor to Alpha Omega. The first Alpha Omega Fraternity Convention was held in New York with 40 men in attendance.

Over the last 20 years there has been an increase in diversity in the student membership. Students from all ethnicity's, race and religion are welcome to be members of Alpha Omega. 1972 - In 1972, we eliminated the word male from our qualifications for membership, and in January 2010, Alpha Omega elects its first female president in its 103 year history; Dr. Charlene S. Berkman.

Since the beginning of the Foundation we have given over $18 million in grants to dental facilities in Israel and for the care of the elderly, the young and indigent children throughout the world. The Alpha Oega International Dental Fraternity also provides leadership for the 'Tomorrow Smiles' program. This effort will promote oral health and well-being for economically disadvantaged high school students, ensuring that they are better prepared for healthy and productive futures. When members of our chapters were in need from national disasters, we have given them grants in their time of need. An example was in Israel, because of the suicide bombers, Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Los Angeles.

Today Alpha Omega has 125 alumni and student chapters, promoting professional excellence, fraternalism and Judaic values.